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  • Discover the true potential of Wing Chun as a martial art
  • Have access to exclusive Wing Chun knowledge and secrets
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What is Wing Chun?

If you do not already know what Wing Chun is, Wing Chun is a martial art system that was created for Self Defense. It is a collection of techniques and concepts that allows you to defeat stronger opponents by using your technique and skill. Truly authentic Wing Chun is fast, effective, practical, and immensely powerful

However, Wing Chun is not just about fighting. Wing Chun is about developing discipline, improving yourself, helping others, and getting the life that you have always dreamed of. It is a tool that can entertain you and keep you from the boredom of corporate life style. It is a tool that can help you develop your health as well as your way of life. It is a tool that can develop your brain and give you new insights. And most importantly, it is a tool that will help keep you and your loved ones safe.

What if I already have experience in Wing Chun?

If you already have experience in Wing Chun, our Wong Long Wing Chun program will still be very beneficial to you. You will quickly find that our Wing Chun is much different from many lineages out there. However, you will find that our techniques and concepts are passed down correctly (only some minor changes by Grand Master Wong Long from GM Ip Man). You will find that just by learning simple techniques and concepts with the right training can improve your Wing Chun significantly

We assure you that there is much to be learn. However, you must be comfortable to empty your cup because our style have very intricate details on even the most basic things like a straight punch. We may require you to redo the forms that you may have learned from other instructors. In the end, the choice is yours of whom and what to believe, we will not decide for you. But again, if you are against the idea of exploring new possibilities and discovering new ideas then this program is not for you.

What if I have experience in other martial arts?

If you are a martial artist seeking to expand your horizon on martial arts or that you want to learn authentic Wing Chun, then this program is right for you. With us, you may learn techniques and concepts that can improve upon your old martial arts. We are more than happy to add Wing Chun to your arsenal.

You do, however, have the option to fully embrace Wing Chun since there will be conflicts in ideas (we guarantee that). Regardless of what you choose, you will have to follow our guide step-by-step to properly learn Wing Chun. After all, learning an advanced technique before the basics is pointless.

Not For...

Not everyone gets to be a part of our program even if you pay. You must have genuine interest to learn and try out Wing Chun. You must be willing to dedicate your time and energy into developing yourself through Wing Chun. You must be willing to improve yourself and learn from others. If you are not, then this program is not right for you.

There are no "3 quick secrets" to becoming good at martial arts and self defense or anything of good value overnight. There are no secrets in Wing Chun that we are trying to sell you down the line for half of your life savings. That is what some may try to sell you. We are here not to bankrupt you, but to help you and pass down the art.

But, we've discovered that to become good at Wing Chun or martial art, you must work hard under the right guidance. Hard work alone is not enough. Again, if you try it out and this program is not right for you, you'll always have the risk-free 30 Days Money-Back-Guarantee

Read What Our Students Have To Say!

"They have the Best quality wing chun in America! They also have Friendly fun staff for children as well. Jason and Richard are experienced  and teach excellent self defense for adults. They also guide you for a great pathway for fitness and self improvement. I have seen a lot of other wing chun Kung fu places and this one is unique and always fun. The brothers routinely visit Hong Kong and train with the grandmaster and masters and so you can really push yourself to the limit there 😀 they have excellent quality wing chun that is devastating."

Jonathan V. , Santa Ana, CA

"It's the best place to learn self defence than anywhere else. They will teach kids and adults. Friendly staff. The trainers are awesome. I do recommend this place for anyone whose looking for some classes like these. Its a must go and visit kind of a place that even I got in it."

Becky P. , Aliso Viejo, CA

"Great place to learn Wing Chun, the instructors are taught from Ip Man's lineage and don't add any fluff. This is the best place to learn the raw martial art."

Nick R. , Roseville, CA

"I enjoy this place. The instructors, Richard and Jason are very good at teaching. They take their time and make sure you understand why you're doing what you're doing. They work with people individually and try to get as close to perfection out of everything. I respect that. The classes are fun and I believe anyone can get something out of them. I recommend it to anyone interested in giving Wing Chun a try."

Taylor D. , Laguna Hills, CA


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Introducing Wong Long Wing Chun

Wong Long Wing Chun is a system of teaching that we have developed to teach you authentic Wing Chun in an efficient manner. We want you to learn as much as possible without neglecting the fundamentals to good Wing Chun. Our system teaches you techniques, concepts, and philosophies that are key to your success in Wing Chun. It is developed in the way that allows you to apply Wing Chun to real fights as well as face other martial artists and Wing Chun practitioners.

Introducing Grand Master Wong Long Ching

Who is Grand Master Wong Long Ching?

Grand Master Wong Long's wedding and Grand Master Ip Man

Grand Master Wong Long Ching (GM Wong Long) is one of the best Wing Chun practitioners alive today. He is one of the very few people who completed GM Ip Man's teaching system because of his passion and effort in Wing Chun. GM Wong Long had studied Wing Chun with GM Ip Man for 6 years (from 1956-1962)

and remained close contact with GM Ip Man until his passing (in 1972). He was training everyday and often for more than 4 hours a day during that time. He was one of the fewest to learn everything from the hand forms to the butterfly knives (since Ip Man only teaches weapons after you have completed all other hand forms and practice); this made him a very good martial artist and Wing Chun master even among the best of his peers. Because of his dedication and skill, GM Ip Man even asked him to open a school to teach Wing Chun. He had to refuse because he was working a full time job and had 3 kids to raise.

Why isn't GM Wong Long as famous as some other Wing Chun practitioners? GM Wong Long had always been a humble guy. He never said that his Wing Chun is the best. He also never opened a school to teach Wing Chun publicly even though he teaches private students (because of work and children). GM Wong Long also loves a simple life and never taught Wing Chun out of greed. He taught Wing Chun because he loved teaching. Because he taught only a few students, not a lot of people know him and not a lot of people have the chance to see the true potential of what Wing Chun can do.

Introducing Wing Chun Temple Orange County

Because of his senior students and our staff's effort, we are able to bring Wong Long Wing Chun to the U.S. Here at WCTOC, we have two 2nd generation Ip Man instructors who studied directly under GM Wong Long. They had studied vigorously with GM Wong Long and are here to teach you what they have learned. You will find that our primary mission is to pass down the art and teach it to those who really wants to learn authentic Wing Chun, and for that reason our lessons are hands-on and affordable.

What we offer here is a very unique opportunity to learn one of the most authentic Wing Chun out there simply because not everyone has access to such great instructor as GM Wong Long. Not only will you find that our instructors are dedicated to the art, you will find that our understanding of Wing Chun far outweighs most of the instructors out there.

Have Questions Or Concerns?

Don't hesitate to contact us via E-mail or Phone! We'll be more than happy to help you.

E-mail: wingchuntempleoc@gmail.com


Instructor Richard: (949)607-6138

Instructor Jason: (949)812-0697

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