3 Simple Ways To Use Your Opponent’s Force

Using your opponent’s force has always been a core concept in Wing Chun. This allows weaker persons to defeat stronger opponents by using their force against them.

Without mastering how to use your opponent’s force, your Wing Chun will be limited and you will find it hard to face stronger opponents. However, do this right and your Wing Chun will improve by ten folds.

1. Developing Sensitivity

This is the most important key to using your opponent’s force. Never underestimate the power of sensitivity because it allows you to FEEL where your opponent is moving towards. You must also feel how powerful or fast your opponent is.

You can develop sensitivity through practicing Chi Sao, Dan Chi, or drills. But the key is, you must consciously practice sensitivity. During the practice, you should be deliberately trying to feel where your opponent is moving and how powerful it is in order for you to react accordingly.

After all, how would you use your opponent’s force if you can’t even feel it?

2. Relaxing

Tense up your arm for a moment. Try moving your arm with the other hand. Now do it again with the arm relaxed. Do you feel the difference?

When you are tense, you are much less inclined to move and much less sensitive. You must be able to relax. If you cannot relax your muscles, you cannot develop good sensitivity.

Read more on relaxing techniques.

3. Developing The Right Reaction

When you are relaxed, you are sensitive. When you are sensitive, you know where your opponent is moving. When you know where your opponent is moving, you must know how to react. For example, when someone pushes into you, you must know which way to turn and which technique to use for you to be able to use your opponent’s force.

Developing the right reaction to each situation is very very very important. Not only does it make the techniques easier to perform, it allows you to move with more force and speed. When you integrate your body while using the right technique in the right situation, your Wing Chun is unstoppable.


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