Discover How To Increase Speed And Power Through Body Integration

The best way to improve speed and power of your blocks and attacks is through integrating your body movement. Just as seen in many great martial artists and boxers, using the body correctly is just as important as the technique of the punch itself.

After reading and applying this, you will notice the difference. It may be hard at first, but eventually using the rest of the body and the arms together will be much faster and stronger than the arms themselves. (Many people neglects integrating the body because it may be slower and awkward at first, but don’t let this deter you from proper Wing Chun!)

There are two basic ways of using the body to increase speed and power:

1. Cho Ma (turning horse)

Using the Cho Ma is perhaps the most important thing you will learn in Wing Chun. Cho Ma allows you to redirect the force that is pressed into you as well as adding power and speed. This and proper structure/technique allows smaller and weaker persons to defend themselves against stronger persons.

If you’ve taken a course in physics, you’ll know that two forces that are generated from the same body that are moving in the same direction adds to the speed of the body. For that reason, Cho Ma with a punch or a block makes the punch or the block much faster. And because the punch or the block is much faster, they are more powerful as well.

So how do you practice Cho Ma? Start square with your horse stance from Siu Lim Tao, then turn with your hip and core to the 45 degrees point to one of the side. Then turn to the other 45 degrees on the other side. Focus on moving your body with your core, let your hands and feet follow while keeping relaxed. You can also practice this with any of the blocks and attacks.

For example: cho ma punch, cho ma tan da, cho ma pak, and etc.

2. Sern Ma (stepping horse)

Sern Ma is also an important move in Wing Chun. Although harder to integrate than Cho Ma, using Sern Ma adds the same benefits (speed and power) as Cho Ma for the same reason.

To properly perform a Sern Ma, you must synchronize your block/attack with your Sern Ma (your leg/foot should start and end at the same moment your hand does). This allows you to add leg power and speed to your punches. It is also why Wing Chun prefers stepping forward rather than stepping back because stepping forward adds to your force while stepping back takes away your force.

Of course there are some other footwork and body integration movements that are more advanced, but these two are the most important and the most basic you should master.


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