Introductory Guide to Martial Arts and Wing Chun

Introductory Guide to Martial Arts and Wing Chun

Martial Arts

Since I was a kid, I grew up watchBruce Lee Posinging Martial Arts movies from stars like Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, and most of all, Bruce Lee. You’d probably agree that those spinning back kicks, nunchucks, and ninja stars were too good to pass up!

So let’s get to the point, what exactly is martial arts?

According to, “Martial arts cover a broad range of activities that involve fighting techniques, physical exercises, and methods of mental discipline, among other skills.”

From that definition, most people would focus on FIGHTING TECHNIQUES. However, Martial Arts is about much more than fighting. Martial Arts is about developing character, honing skills, improving life, and helping others. Through techniques, concepts, and philosophies, Martial Arts will definitely move you towards a better version of yourself.


Wing Chun Kung Fu

What about Wing Chun? What is Wing ChuMu_ren_zhuang_(Chinese_martial_arts_training_dummy)n Kung Fu?

To put it simply, Wing Chun is a Martial Arts that is created by a woman (according to the legend) for self-defense purposes. Wing Chun is regarded as one of the best Martial Arts for practical use (self-defense) that uses physics, human anatomy, and science to be efficient, effective, and powerful. We focus on simplicity of movement, the direct application of force, body movements, and other strategies to maximize effectiveness.

HOWEVER, Wing Chun is not limited to self-defense. There are invaluable concepts and lessons to be learned as well as other benefits!

Some benefits of Wing Chun:

  • Health: Wing Chun training allows you to develop fitness while performing low-impact activities (thus keeping you from getting injured). The drills and exercises we do here at Wing Chun Temple will ensure that you learn while getting exercises that move you toward your fitness goals.
  • Fun: Wing Chun in general is a lot of fun. At advanced levels, there are drills and sparring sessions that gives you the type of fun that you cannot get anywhere else! At beginner levels, drills may be boring if not taught correctly. Our program here at Wing Chun Temple are geared toward educating you while not eliminating all the fun out of it. We will not make you do 1,000 punches in a row or ask you to perform a billion kicks within an hour.
  • Self-defense: Wing Chun, needless to say, is one of the best self-defense systems out there. Fair warning though, self-defense takes time to learn. It is not just a magic bullet or trick that someone can pick up right away!
  • Ageless Wisdoms/Philosophy: In addition to physical benefits, Wing Chun also teaches you how to think while enriching your life. You will find that what we teach here at Wing Chun Temple applies to real life, not just in the studio. For example, Simplicity teaches us to simplify our lives; we may choose to get rid of the TV, not buy that fancy new dress, and stick to what matters.


Why should you learn from us?

  • Our advanced knowledge of the art is second to none (Check out our Lineage)
  • You will learn self-defense techniques that is practical and applicable
  • Our program will make you stronger and more flexible
  • You will learn philosophies that applies to all areas of your life
  • Great instructors with great character
  • Our program is a lot of fun. We believe learning should be fun, not intimidating.



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