Wong Long Wing Chun Workshop Series

        Wong Long Wing Chun workshop series (4 sessions total, on Sundays 9am- 12pm) is coming up in our OC location (Wing Chun Temple OC)!!! This is a great chance to experience and learn more about Wong Long Wing Chun. A rare opportunity since Master Lo , a long time student of GM Wong Long, came all the way from Hong Kong to share his Wing Chun skill and knowledge.

        Any body interested in Wing Chun should attend (all martial arts and lineages welcomed). This workshop will blow your mind and reveal unique Wing Chun concepts you never seen before!

        Visit Wingchuntempleusa.com, email wingchuntempleoc@gmail.com, or call (562) 912-3510 for more information and RSVP. Space is limited 😀                                                




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What is WLWC?
        Wong Long Wing Chun is the traditional Wing Chun system that is named to honor Grandmaster Wong Long (Wong Long Ching 黃朗正). As one of GM Ip Man’s longest ongoing student (for 6 years practicing 4 hours every weekdays), young Wong Long practiced diligently until the passing of GM Ip Man in 1972 (GM Wong Long was there in person when GM Ip Man passed away). Of all the first generation GM Ip Man students, GM Wong Long is one of the only student of GM Ip Man who finished learning the whole system (Siu Lum Tau, Chum Kiu, Biu Zi, Wooden Dummy, and even the Bat Jam Do). GM Wong Long's Wing Chun skills are known to be second to none. 


Young GM Wong Long Practicing


GM Wong Long and Master Lo

        We will have introductions and explanation of different concepts and techniques. Master Lo would also answer questions and provide guidance for all attendees. Free practice in the end is also encouraged. Attendees would learn core concepts form WLWC, essential techniques of WLWC, and practice with experienced WLWC practitioners.

        Session 1: This session would focus on the difference between Wing Chun and other Martial Arts. It would also highlight the difference between Wong Long Wing Chun and other Wing Chun systems. Focusing on introducing the core concepts of Wong Long Wing Chun, participants would get to learn new concepts, try new moves, and improve their Wing Chun skills. 

        Session 2: This session would focus on the Siu Lum Tau form and its application in real life. Participants would get to experience and test the teachings behind this form. Master Lo would also introduce Chum Kiu and participants would have the chance to test and learn about it. 

        Session 3: In this session, Master Lo would continue to show the many different skills that are hidden in the Chum Kiu form. Participants would get to learn and practice all major concepts of the Chum Kiu form. Aside from the form, Master Lo will introduce participants to the highly praised Chi Sau skills of Wong Long Wing Chun and the core concepts of it. Participants would have the chance to learn new chi sau techniques, ask for guidance and questions, and test their chi sau techniques. 

        Session 4: This session would cover Chi Sau techniques that makes Wong Long Wing Chun effective. Participants would learn techniques that are unique to our system. This session would also introduce participants to core concepts of Biu Zi and introduce the concepts and principles behind the Wooden Dummy


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