A Word from the President

Greetings to all my fellow martial artist sisters and brothers. My name is Wong Long Ching, the first generation student of Sifu Ip Man. I've been living in Hong Kong most of my life: born and raised there.

I started studying Wing Chun with Sifu Ip Man when I was 18. From there, I never stopped loving and learning Wing Chun. Since my Sifu Ip Man passed away, I wanted to start a Wing Chun Organization, but back then, it was very political and I had many oppositions, so I never started one.

Until now, due to my students' and disciples' pleading, I started Wong Long Wing Chun Association. Even though we've all come from different martial arts styles, lineages and families, we are all here under one roof. Nothing else pleases me more than seeing this. As I have always learned from my Sifu Ip Man, martial arts is for Love, Unity, Peace, Compassion and Harmony.

Thank you all

Sifu GM Wong Long Ching

GM Wong at WCT's Grand Opening

GM Wong Long at WCT's Grand Opening

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